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Every business has the potential to reduce printing costs, this often ignored area of office life is arguably one of the most costly, not only in financial terms but also from an environmental perspective.

OCM International offers a comprehensive product portfolio developed to ensure that any organisation can benefit from savings in this area. We estimate that print monitoring software can offer savings of up to 25% which can be quickly and easily be made and in some organisations this figure will be higher.

Our system is a SQL/Web based print monitoring software solution which includes, as standard, a mobile printing solution, secure print solution including pull printing, rules based printing, cost recovery/client billing and charge-back functionality as well as a job ticketing option to divert high volume jobs to a print room/reprographics department, other features are also available.

Start experiencing the benefits of OCM's managed print solution:


  • Low cost of ownership
  • Reduce print costs
  • Minimse your environmental impact 
  • Easy to use
  • Reduce your IT overhead

New Products

25-04-2014 Get your thinking cap on and win!

Daren Bavister was our lucky winner. Enjoy your day Daren.

25-07-2013 OCM Mobile Print Solutions

OCM Mobile Print is a driverless mobile print solution for any user who is on the move and needs to be able to print from a mobile device such as an iPad, Smartphone....

25-07-2013 Sharp OSA 4.1 Device Management

Utilising version 4.1 of the Sharp OSA development platform OCM has released several additional features and capabilities....

24-07-2013 Kyocera HyPAS Embedded Solutions

A central device management solution for Kyocera HyPAS devices which includes Secure Mobile Print Release, Cost Recover and Scan Management....

24-07-2013 Samsung XOA Device Management

Using Samsung’s XOA development platform, OCM has developed a Samsung specific user friendly embedded device management solution....

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