Caring for the future


Increased demand for IT capacity to support business growth, increased energy use, rising energy costs and environmental concerns are fuelling the need for an energy efficient infrastructure within the corporate workplace. Building an infrastructure that is green and energy efficient is not only important strategically, but it is equally important to help meet operational goals and satisfy marketplace expectations and demands. As organizations seek new ways to become more energy efficient and environmentally aware, managing and reducing energy consumption and green house gas emissions not only helps the environment, it makes good business sense.


Did you know?


  • 25 million toner cartridges are dumped in landfill sites
  • It takes one tree to make 3333 sheets of paper?
  • The average employee wastes the equivalent of two trees a year?


Document production has a wide-ranging environmental impact. With OCM’s print and copy  cost management solutions, you can reduce consumption of natural resources and the volume of non-recyclable materials that end up in landfills.



How can OCM's solutions help?


  • Measure total print volumes across your organisation - raise awareness of print volumes
  • Determine who prints the most - then educate
  • Indentify which printer/MFPs are under or over utilised - rationalise your fleet
  • Limit user output by rules based printing - for example by enforcing mono only or duplex only
  • Charge for print/copy outputs - drives volumes down

No matter how big or small contributions may be, together we are continuing our efforts to make this a nicer, greener, safer planet for the future.


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