Simplifying script management

Keep track of scripts, no more naming scripts by hand, know who has which script and when they received it.


  • Easy script management
  • Individual names on multiple script copies
  • Easy to manage distribution
  • Reduce the number of hard copy scripts
  • Track who left scripts unattended or mislaid them



Simplifying script production and distribution


In the busy world of TV and film production, anything that saves you time and hassle is worth its weight in gold. Script Tracker allows you to print named scripts for each and every person involved in the production, individually or as a group. Simply type in the names or group name (e.g. cast, lighting, sound etc), press the button and you’re done!


No more messing about naming each script by hand and more importantly, you’ll know exactly who’s had which script and when they received it. It will even save you money by reducing the number of unnecessary printed scripts. 

Our easy to use interface allows production staff to easily configure the script printing requirements by:


  • Individual groups such as 'Lighting'
  • Multiple groups for example 'Lighting, Engineers and Cast’
  • Individual users within a group
  • Create, print or hold electronic versions
  • Create and customise script watermarks
  • Include variable text as a watermark on each page


Great functionality as standard


Script Tracker offers a host of other great features to makes sure your script management is as easy as possible but without compromising script security.


  • Save individual recipients scripts as a PDF for email distribution           
  • Allows multiple production assistances to share the same Script Tracker user and group names on a single server
  • Easy to create audit reports of who received a script and when 
  • Easy to create version control and script distribution reports.
  • Easily manage the number of scripts required for printing



Next Steps


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