Print monitoring software

Simplifying secure pull printing

OCM  secure print solution with pull printing allows end users to have the benefit of printing to a shared network attached print device whilst knowing that their documents are completely secure until they release them to print at a  printer or multifunction device of their choice. By implementing OCM secure pull printing throughout an organisation has an immediate cost savings by reducing the number of persona (and expensive)l desk top printers normally reserved for individual's confidential printing.


Easy to see benefits:


  • Centralised, integrated accounting
  • Reduces print and copy costs
  • Vendor Independent
  • ID card independent
  • Ensures document confidentiality


OCM Embedded solutions for secure release

OCM embedded solutions for secure release of print jobs offers users the abilitity to send their print job to their own dedicated secure print queue. Logging on at any device where the embedded solution is installed, the user is presented with all print job(s) being held in their secure queue, simply by selecting job(s) to be printed the MFD will then release the documents. Should user(s) encounter default device to be “busy/off-line”, you can simply walk directly to another device to automatically “release” secure job(s) without the time consuming need to resend the print job. All secure documents released for printing are automatically audited with the option of charging back by client, cost centre or project code.Embedded solutions are currently available for Samsung, Kyocera and Sharp devices.


OCM Touch Screen (PIN entry) or via card reader

With the OCM Touch Screen console in place print jobs are easily managed at the device as the console acts as a secure print release station, with the option to assign client or departmental billing codes for future charge back or client invoicing. The Touch Screen offers a flexible and easily configurable authentication system that ensures access to print output remains secure.

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OCM Secure Print Lite

OCM Secure Print Lite is a very flexible and easy to use secure print solution which is completely manufacturer independent. The user submits a print application to a secure print queue configured on their local PC or laptop. While the print application is being held encrypted on a secure print server environment, the user can walk up to any print device associated to the OCM secure print management console and release all of their secure documents in one easy swipe of their ID card or by entering in a PIN on an external keypad, all of the users print jobs are then released as they stand by the device



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