Seamlessly integrate with existing management systems

Accessing Existing Cost Centre Codes

Seamlessly integrate into an existing cost centre management system, allowing automatic document output billing via the centrally managed database of all departmental cost centres and associated project codes.



Accessing Existing Client and Client Matters

Integrate into an existing client and client matter management system, allowing automatic document output billing via existing Clients, therefore all active billing is against current and live client and client matters.



Upload to Accounts Billing System

Automatically upload all departmental and cost centre document output billing and associated costs to the internal accounts billing system , offering seamless integration to cost centre billing and associated budgeting.



Debit by User Department or Cost centre

Debit all document output costs  from a specific budget, where a department or a cost centre is allocated a document output budget per month or per quarter, as users print and photocopy the costs are automatically debited from that budget.

Interface to Active Directories

Directly interface OCM's central user management console  to an existing Active Directories management system allowing live interaction to existing user accounts and associated groups.



Advantages  of OCM solutions and apps

  • One solution for small business up to enterprise levels
  • Web based design for all solutions and apps
  • Interface to existing third party applications
  • Easy to install, configure and support
  • Improved workflow
  • Increased productivity and efficiencies



OCM can deliver solutions and apps associated to:

  • Scheduled and sychronised  interface to client billing
  • Scheduled interface to existing CRM applications
  • Customised device auditing reports
  • Scheduled data transfer and data sychronisation
  • User device authentication/permissions
  • Secure document management
  • Additional solutions and apps on request

OCM is committed to bringing to market innovative, top-quality software products, solutions and applications (apps) that meet customer demand.

As a partner of some of the leading printer manufacturers as well as a solutions partner with several leading software companies, OCM offers the unique opportunity to develop solutions which are compatible with current customer demands and future product requirements.



 Secure Pul Printing for Apple Users

Allows Apple PC users to have the benefit of printing to a shared network attached print device, knowing their documents are completely secure until they release them to a printer or multifunction device of their choosing. Includes the support of Apple user authentication and auditing of all Apple users.



Microsoft Active Directory

A central component of the Windows platform, Active Directory service provides the means to manage the identities and relationships that make up network environments. OCM provides the necessary utilities and software tools to allow you to directly interface OCM to your Active Directory management system, allowing you to seamlessly download live and update user accounts and groups via the OCM central management console.




 Existing User ID Authentication

Companies can leverage their existing base of employee-identity methods by using OCM’s user authentication management console, which allows you to choose the type of authentication you wish to use. It can be a simple PIN entry, proximity cards or biometric reader (multiple card types and formats are supported).




Single Sign On for Drivve Users

Allows a user to simply log-on once at a multifunctional device without the need to do so again throughout the user’s session. Once authenticated via the OCM central server, the user has direct access to all of the MFD’s functionality including embedded third party solutions and device features such as:

  • Scan and Archive (could be Drivve or eCopy)

  • Cost Recovery by Client, Division and Project Code

  • Secure pull printing

  • Charge back all scan, print, photocopy and fax

  • Other third-party embedded solutions




Upload to Your  Accounts Billing System

OCM offers the ability to automatically upload all departmental and cost centre document output billing and associated costs to an internal existing accounts billing system, offering seamless integration to cost centre billing and associated budgeting.




Interface to Sage Timeslips

OCM provides an app which seamlessly communicates directly with Sage Timeslips, offering the ideal solution for anyone who bills for their services. Designed to simplify the billing cycle, Sage Timeslips includes all the basics required to record time and expenses for current and future client billing.



Solutions for Client and Client Matter Billing


OCM offers the ability to seamlessly integrate into a customer's existing client and client matter management system, allowing automatic document-output billing of all existing client and client matter. The following are examples of client management systems OCM has integrated with.




Client Billing via LEAP

In today’s complex computing environment maintaining control of resource usage and costs is a constant challenge. By having access to OCM’s flagship document auditing suite, LEAP clients will immediately have full cost recovery including the ability to accurately manage and charge client document workflow-- printing, copying, faxing and scanning, turning cost centres into profit centres.




 Client Billing via MYOB

MYOB Solutions are market leaders in professional services software. During 2011 OCM launched its MYOB ‘cost recovery app’ which can seamlessly interface the OCM Client-Billing software automatically into MYOB's central management system, allowing central management of all client disbursements, work matter and bill-back options.


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